I have been in the hands of acupuncturists for over 35 years all over the world. Rebecca was my 'saviour' when I was in serious trouble some years ago. She treats me regularly once a month to charge my batteries, as I call it ! The treatment  is vital to me and my body responds well .Rebecca is the ideal person to be in this profession as she is a very good listener and 'sounding-board' I always look forward to seeing her every month and I know I can call her anytime for help, should I have any health problems." M.Valllier

 "I began a course of acupuncture (with Rebecca) following several bouts of an inner ear condition that left me dizzy, nauseous and really pretty low.  I feel the treatment has been key to addressing these symptoms and over the past few months have felt so much better, with a far more balanced outlook.  Whilst i know my condition can reoccur I feel much more confident to deal with it now that I have found acupuncture works really well." L. Duplessis

I went to Rebecca for acupuncture to treat Endometriosis that I suffer from. It has helped enormously with the pain and side effects from this condition. Acupuncture was also a great help through a very stressful period in my life and I felt more able to cope emotionally and it restored my energy levels when I was at my lowest. S.Watkins